Types of Licenses

The City of Chamblee remains committed to a thriving business community. By requiring licenses in specific industries, appropriate oversight can be established that includes the proper locations of storefronts and services. Our departments continue the ongoing efforts to provide a business-friendly environment worthy of leading organizations, and ordinances are in place regarding the following licenses.

Occupational Tax Certificate

If your business is located within the City of Chamblee, you are required to obtain a City of Chamblee Occupational Tax Certificate prior to operation. The occupational tax process has been streamlined through HdL. For more information, please click here.

Alcohol Licenses

It’s important to understand that alcohol licenses are a privilege, and the community has a vested interest in where and how establishments serve beer, wine, and liquor. Licensing programs help emphasize vigilance in age-appropriate sales and educate barkeeps and servers about excessive consumption. With this in mind, these are things applicants need to know about securing an alcohol license.

  • New Applicants: A comprehensive worksheet is provided when applying for an alcohol license. The checklist outlines all of the documents and certifications required for approval. These include personal statements, location, hours of operation, floor plan, menu, and required affidavits.
  • S.A.V.E. Affidavit: State law requires all license applicants to verify their residency status in compliance with the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act. A copy can be obtained online or through the Chamblee Clerk’s Office.
  • E-Verify Affidavit: All employees must be vetted through the federal e-verify system. Employees can access the system online.
  • Alcohol Excise Tax: Applicants must fill out a specific exercise tax form regarding alcohol sales. The document tasks licensees to provide inventory and sales data, among other pertinent items.
  • Background Checks: Background checks are conducted by the Chamblee Police Department for all applicants applying for an alcohol license.

Those who secure an alcohol license must familiarize themselves and their employees with ordinances No. 794, No. 797, and No. 801. Limits regarding where, when, and how businesses can sell alcoholic beverages are detailed within the ordinances.

To apply for a new alcohol license or to renew an existing alcohol license, click here. To access the 2024 Alcohol License Renewal Checklist and Documents, please click here. The deadline to submit your renewal application to avoid late penalties and interest is 11/30/2023. 

Additional Documents & Forms

Massage or Spa License

Applicants should note that the massage and spa license ordinance was updated in September 2022. Business leaders will need to fulfill Georgia’s S.A.V.E. and E-Verify affidavit requirements. These are the steps involved in applying for the license at the local level.

  • Finance Department: The owner or operator applies in the Finance Department by filling out the necessary forms and providing a $200 investigation fee.
  • Police Department: No further vetting steps are required if the individual possesses a valid Georgia massage therapist license. Without a license, the applicant undergoes a complete police background check. A fee of $50 is required to take fingerprints and complete the review.
  • Inspection: Before a license can be issued, the facility must pass inspection. Passing this inspection means meeting current safety, fire, and health code regulations.

The City Manager can approve a massage or spa license after all of the above criteria have been satisfied. 

There are currently no vacancies for a new Massage or Spa Establishment License to be issued due to the Chamblee Ordinance limiting the number of Massage/Spa Establishment Licenses to 12 (Sec. 22-304(a)). Due to no vacancies, the Finance Director shall not accept any initial applications at this time. 

Short-Term Rental Certificate

Property owners whom intend to rent their residential dwelling, or an individual bedroom in their residential dwelling, to provide lodging for transient guests in exchange for compensation for a period of time not to exceed 180 days are required by the City of Chamblee to obtain a Short-Term Rental Certificate and an Occupational Tax Certificate to operate.

To apply for a new short-term rental certificate, click here.