Recycling Do's and Dont's Infographic for Web

The City of Chamblee encourages all residents to recycle to divert waste from the landfill and promote sustainability. When recycling, please remember the following:

  1. Recycle all empty and dry paper, cardboard, cans and plastic bottles and containers.
  2. Keep food, liquids and garbage out of the recycling.
  3. Empty recyclables directly into your cart. Please do not bag your recycling. 
You can find your collection day here: Chamblee Trash & Recycle Schedule

Residents can submit requests for additional recycling carts, replacements or repairs by calling Public Works at 770-986-5019 or contact Jill Mullins at

Electronics Recycling 

Residents can drop off their electronics at Public Works, the third Saturday of each month during the City's Electronics Recycling event.

Glass Recycling

The City does not offer glass recycling. DeKalb County provides glass recycling drop off locations, which can be found here.