Due to technical difficulties, the July 25th Public Art Commission Meeting will not be recorded or livestreamed. We are working on resolving this issue. We strongly encourage online viewers to attend the meeting in-person. We will also post a recap of the meeting on our social media platforms the following day. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.
Public Works

Public Works

Public Works

The Public Works Department provides the following services for the City of Chamblee:

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the programming and daily operations of the City’s public services and infrastructure. The Department has over 40 employees among five divisions, and an annual operating budget of $9.5 million, which together, support the upkeep, management, and efficient use of the City’s largest infrastructure assets. These include the physical assets and infrastructure that residents, business owners, and visitors use every day, such as the roadways, walkways, traffic signals, stormwater network, municipal grounds and greenspaces, and residential solid waste, recycling, and yard debris services.  


This division prioritizes its employees and interdepartmental communications, planning, and programming and is responsible for annual budgeting, accounts and finance, personnel services, community and departmental events, and educational outreach. 

Grounds & Greenspace

This division prioritizes beautification and aesthetics of the City’s gateways, corridors, and grounds and is responsible for landscaping services, litter control, right-of-way tree maintenance, and streetscape furniture maintenance.  

Sanitation & Fleet Maintenance

This division prioritizes the health and safety of the City’s residents and the environment by providing swift removal of municipal solid waste, recycling, and yard debris and providing opportunities for proper disposal of electronics and hazardous waste. This division also prioritizes safe and operational vehicles and heavy equipment for the department and is responsible for routine maintenance and inspections, major repairs, and fleet replacement programming.  


This division prioritizes access to and safety of the City’s transportation network for all users and is responsible for maintenance and repairs of the streets, sidewalks, multi-use paths, neighborhood traffic calming, traffic signal operations, and encroachment permitting.  


This division prioritizes safe, responsible, and intentional management of the City’s stormwater and related infrastructure and is responsible for inspections, cleaning, maintenance and repairs of municipal stormwater infrastructure and waterways, management of the City’s Phase 1 Large MS4 Permit, and programming of stormwater capital improvement projects.