Public Works

Public Works

Public Works

The Public Works Department provides the following services for the City of Chamblee:

Construction & Repair

Many repair projects in city parks (simple building repairs, stone work, crosstie walls, stonewalls, tree removal, and repairing, and/or installing new sidewalks) are done by public works. They also enhance the parks with special building projects (e.g., the train the children play on at Huntley Hills Park or the fire truck and bridge at Keswick Park). Click here to see an interactive map of specific projects that are going on in Chamblee.

Sidewalks & Curbs

The Public Works Department grades, forms, pours, installs, and landscapes new sidewalks. They also repair or remove old broken sidewalks when reported, and are responsible for curb raising.

Banner & Street Signs

The Public Works Department installs new city signage and changes 80 seasonal banners four times a year and puts up and takes down variance and zoning signs, city limit signs, and parking signs. Graffiti removal and/or cleaning are done on city streets, walls, signs, buildings, etc.

Vehicle Maintenance

Simple repairs and maintenance are done in-house by the public works vehicle technician. Repairs include:

  • City vehicles
  • Generators
  • Mowers
  • Police cars
  • Tractors
  • Trailers
  • Trucks
  • Weed eaters

Building Maintenance

The Public Works Department performs everyday maintenance on all city buildings (e.g., gutter cleaning, painting, pressure wash sidewalks, pressure wash jail cells, light plumbing, changing light fixtures, etc.)


Public Works Department participates in:

  • 4th of July Fireworks Show
  • Antique Festivals
  • Bag-a-thon Cleanup
  • Boy Scout Projects
  • Chamblee 101 Class
  • Taste of Chamblee
  • Christmas tree recycling
  • Clean and Beautiful sponsored events
  • Sponsor recycle collection on the 3rd Saturday of each month
  • Touch a Truck