Home Security

Document (16)As you are probably aware, there have been a few burglaries in our community this year. There are a number of things that you can do to make your house more secure and a less likely choice for a burglar. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure that your doors are secure. Many times homes are entered by someone kicking open a door. Exterior doors should be solid doors with heavy wood or metal door frames. You should have heavy duty strike plates with screws long enough to go into the structural framing of the house.
  • Check your door locks. You should have dead bolt locks on all of the exterior doors. When purchasing dead bolt locks, keep in mind that some are less expensive than others. Before making a selection based on price, consider the fact that the more expensive locks may provide more security. Also keep in mind that you may need to get out of the house quickly during an emergency so make sure that the lock that you select can easily be opened from the inside of the house.
  • Check the windows in your house. Are they all locked? Many times we open a window and forget to lock it. If it is locked, would it be easy to unlock from the outside by breaking the glass? Devices to better lock your windows are usually available at home improvement and hardware stores. Again, be familiar with what ever device you choose in the event of fire or emergency.
  • Burglar alarms are a good idea. Alarms are now much more affordable than they were in the past and you should have no trouble finding a reputable company to provide you with the service. Besides protecting your home while you are away, alarms provide you with peace of mind when you are at home - especially at night. If you do choose to have an alarm installed, take the time to learn how to properly use it. Don't forget to register your alarm with the Police Department.