Hiring an off-duty vs on-duty officer

Whether planning a large gathering or selling valuable merchandise, adequate security improves safety, reduces insurance costs, and provides peace of mind. While many organizations hire certified security guards, more business professionals are discovering the value of working with off-duty police officers. The Chamblee Police Department has experienced law enforcement officers who can offer off-duty services.

Top Benefits of Hiring an Off-Duty Officer

The rates for off-duty police officers typically run slightly higher than private security for a good reason. Rarely do security guards undergo rigorous and ongoing professional law enforcement training. Patrol officers, and those who have risen through the ranks, spend years working with community members to build open communication and trust. Working with an off-duty officer also delivers the following benefits.

  • Prompt Backup: The ability to avoid 911 caller wait times and have law enforcement promptly on-site improves safety and reduces risk.
  • Deterrent: Off-duty officers usually wear their uniform when working a private detail. This facet resonates with unruly people. The critical difference is that the uniform indicates there will be dire consequences for bad actions. Those may include prosecution and at least one night in jail.
  • Training: The modern police officer is well-trained in de-escalation techniques. Possessing the people skills and knowledge to deal with would-be aggressors mitigates a business’s risk of an incident. With trained crowd-control professionals involved in your enjoyable and lucrative events can prove priceless.

It’s also important to remember that many police officers are certified in CPR and other life-saving strategies. These and other assets generally help business leaders reduce the cost of liability insurance.

What Roles An Off-Duty Officer Can & Cannot Handle?

Hiring an off-duty officer tasks community members with filing a request through the police department. These are processed and offered to rank-and-file members who are available and do not have a conflict of interest. Off-duty assignments must be general, and large off-duty requests may require a police supervisor.

Responsibilities such as crowd control and ensuring public safety usually involve the officer utilizing professional knowledge and experience. State law does limit the types of assignments for off-duty officers. The following are not allowable under Georgia state law.

  • Wrecker Companies
  • Private Investigation Services
  • Bail Bonding
  • Adult Entertainment Establishments
  • Paralegal Services
  • Fast Food Establishments
  • Retail Sales Businesses

Chamblee continues to grow and provide a rich quality of life for residents and businesses. The professionalism at the Chamblee Police Department and the willingness of off-duty officers to provide added safety ranks among the community’s most valuable assets.