Automobile Security

Thefts from cars have always been a problem in our community. Most of the time, the items stolen from the car were things that someone left lying exposed on the seat. To make your car less likely to be broken into, don't leave valuables lying on the seat or on the floorboard. Place your valuables in the trunk, the glove compartment, or better yet, take them into your house and don't leave them in the car at all.

  • Don't leave valuables in the car where anyone can see them. This includes cell phones, computers, purses and wallets, and anything else that might attract a thief's attention.
  • Don't leave the keys in the car. Always remove the keys from the ignition and lock the car doors.
  • Don't leave all of the vehicle's papers in the vehicle. In the event that someone steals your car, you want to still have a tag receipt and an insurance card so that you can provide the vehicles serial number and tag number to the police immediately.
  • Park as near to a light as possible. Don't park in dark places where someone could steal your belongings without being seen.