The Planning & Development Department will be out of the office on Friday, April 26th for a staff retreat. They will resume normal hours of operation on Monday, April 29th.

Temporary Outdoor Sales Events

Seasonal activities generally refer to private or nonprofit events of community interest including carnivals, health fairs and holiday fairs. Temporary outdoor sales events include outdoor retail sales and services such as markets or sidewalk sales and must meet the following regulations:

  1. Outdoor retail display of goods may be permitted in the front yard of retail sales establishments for temporary display of merchandise or items designed for exterior display.
  2. Outdoor retail display of goods are only permitted as accessory uses to tenants having an occupational tax certificate on the subject property.
  3. Outdoor retail display of goods shall not comprise more than 50 square feet.
  4. Outdoor retail display of goods shall provide a minimum of 5 feet of unobstructed clear passage on sidewalks/walkways.
  5. Outdoor retail display of goods shall not be left out overnight.

If your event falls under the category of a temporary outdoor sales/seasonal event, please fill out the Temporary Outdoor Sales/Seasonal Event Application in the online permitting portal here. The Planning and Development Department will review the application within 10 business days.

For additional information, please see the Temporary Outdoor Sale Application Packet.

For questions related to the temporary outdoor sales application or process, please contact the Planning and Development Department at, or by phone at 770-986-5010.