Multifamily Inspection Program

All owners of multifamily rental properties that receive income for use of five or more multifamily rental units are required to submit a code compliance certificate and inspection report for 25% of units each year. This will result in all units being inspected over each four-year period.

For newly constructed multifamily rental properties, inspection reports are not required for the first four years of operation following issuance of a certificate of occupancy. Property owners must demonstrate compliance with these requirements at the time of occupational tax certificate renewal or no later than April 30th of each year. 

>> To view the city's code of ordinance regarding the Multifamily Inspection Program, click here.
>> To download the Multifamily Inspection Checklist, click here.

  • Inspections must be performed by a qualified inspector.
  • Inspections must be performed within the past 12 months and shall be based on the latest adopted codes and standards as indicated on forms provided by the City.
  • Reports must be submitted in electronic format.
  • Reports must include the following documents:
    • Code Compliance Certificate; o Copy of inspector’s Business License or Occupational Tax Certificate; o Certificate of Insurance of Liability Insurance for inspector;
    • List of all units indicating which units were inspected during the most recent inspection and which units were inspected during prior inspection; and
    • Copy of Multifamily Inspection Checklist for each unit inspected.
  • Submit the report prior to or at the time of applying for a new occupational tax certificate or renewal. Failure to submit a report or incorrect information on a report could result in code enforcement citations.
  • Provide all documentation prior to April 30 each year.