Art Drop Chamblee

Stay tuned for more information on how to participate in our first Art Drop! Make sure to follow @chamblee_public_art on Instagram for updates and to follow the hashtag the week of the event.

What is an Art Drop? 
An art drop mixes a random act of kindness, a scavenger hunt, and art collecting. A creator makes a piece of art small enough to carry away and hides it somewhere in public. The creator uses the hashtag #artdropchamblee and posts picture hints on Instagram. Finders use the hints to find the art. Finders can take a selfie or just a picture of the art while tagging the creator and using the same hashtag so that everyone knows it has been found.

How do I become a creator? 
Creators sign up here:  You can use your own supplies or pick up a free kit starting 3/15/2024 from the City Hall. Just shoot an email to on the day that you plan on stopping by for a kit! We ask that creators put finders’ instructions with the art. If you pick up a kit, the finders’ instructions are provided as a sticker that you can place on the back of your art. One kit per creator, please! Depending on the weather and your materials, you may want to leave the art in a container or plastic bag.

What kind of art can I drop? 
A good rule of thumb is that a child should easily carry away your item. For example, your art should be non-toxic, lightweight, and in one piece. Your items should not contain vulgar or harmful language or imagery. Your item should not be overtly political (no campaigning). All types of art are welcome! Fiber, painting, mosaic, printmaking, decoration, etc.

How do I find the dropped art? 
Starting on Sunday, April 21st, keep your eye on the @chamblee_public_art page on Instagram, where we will be reposting any creators who use the hashtag #artdropchamblee. Once the hashtag is used, you are welcome to go and find the dropped art! Click here to sign-up. 

This community scavenger hunt has been created through a partnership of Public Arts and the Parks and Rec teams for GA Cities Week to get people creating, get them out in the parks, and engage the community!

What is GA Cities Week? 
GA Cities Week is a yearly event promoted by the Georgia Municipal Association to Share information about the valuable services cities provide to residents, including an inside look into city operations and how cities positively impact their quality of life.

 Art Drop Chamblee Flyer