How to Prepare for Court

Knowing what to expect and preparing helps streamline an appearance at the Chamblee Municipal Court. Located at 4445 Buford Highway, the facility handles misdemeanor traffic cases, local ordinances brought by the Chamblee Police Department, and ordinance violations issued by Chamblee Code Enforcement. 

Things You Need to Know About Municipal Court

The department includes a chief judge, five associate judges, three solicitors, and two  public defenders. The department also includes a court administrator, court clerk, two assistant clerks and a court assistant. Those needing assistance with a probation matter are advised to contact Professional Probation Services at 770-455-6880.

How to Prepare for Your Court Date

.These are preparation tips worth considering:

  • Attire: Professional and conservative attire are highly encouraged in the courtroom. Hats, distressed jeans, and clothing with inappropriate print are not permitted. If you are not dressed properly, you may be asked to leave the court which will delay your hearing.
  • Be On Time: The municipal court opens at 9:00 am, and hearings start promptly at 10:00 am on Tuesdays. It's advisable to arrive before the doors open to ensure you're present when they call your name. The court may issue a bench warrant or add a contempt fee if you fail to appear.
  • Paperwork: Bring all notices, citations, and other paperwork associated with your case. 
  • Enter a Plea: You and your attorney will enter a plea during an arraignment. A Nolo or Not Guilty plea generally results in subsequent appearances. Should you decide to resolve the matter at the initial hearing or pre-trial, a sentence may be imposed that involves a fine.
  • Payments: If you are required to pay a traffic fine or make a payment regarding another obligation, the court accepts credit cards, debit cards, cash, certified checks, money orders, and payments via the court's online platform. The court may allow you a grace period if you need time to make payment. The inability to pay may prompt the court to place you on probation.

We urge parents to make arrangements for small children to avoid disruptions while the court is in session. We prohibit alcoholic beverages, food, cigarette smoking, firearms, and weapons of any nature inside the facility. Citizens must turn off electronic devices while in a courtroom and are expected to remain seated and quiet during proceedings.

For more information on how to prepare for court, please review the Judicial Council of Georgia's Basic Rules of Court Conduct.