High Performance Organization

About HPOThe International City/County Management Association (ICMA) has identified the High Performance Organization (HPO) Model as a leading organizational development practice for local governments to become more effective, efficient, and productive. Here at the City of Chamblee we are a results-oriented organization. We value our employees and provide opportunities for growth and professional development while maintaining a focus on our core values. Our Employee Engagement Committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss what makes Chamblee a High Performing Organization (HPO), provides insight on how we, as an organization, can enhance performance and improve the work experiences of our employees.

The principles of HPO are:
  • Leadership can be exercised by every individual at every level of the organization
  • The “right” systems, processes, and structures can contribute to performance, rather than impede it
  • Engagement of all can lead to higher performance of the individual, the work team, and the organization
  • All organizations must make time to do the work of leadership
HPO is not a noun (person, destination, or specific thing) it’s a verb, it’s a way of working, a collection of organizational disciplines, how we behave, and the systems we set up in our organization that position us for success.

Our HPO PhilosophyHere in the City of Chamblee we believe the best solutions and services come from empowered teams with the knowledge and shared vision of the community's goals. We promote a legacy of excellence through a culture of trust, collaboration, transparency, and encouragement of personal growth and the celebration of our achievements. Our departments seek to attract adaptable, creative, and motivated individuals who share our community pride and dedication to exceptional public service.