Employee Engagement Committee

The Employee Engagement Committee is dedicated to making sure that the Chamblee work environment is L.I.T. by promoting Leadership, Inclusion, and Teambuilding because these characteristics are key to creating a healthy, safe, and productive workplace for all of city staff. Keeping employees connected and informed on the latest news, events, benefits, FAQs, and more is the mission of the EEC.  As leaders in employee engagement, the committee plans initiatives that reflect the voices, thoughts, and ideas of staff because the City's most valuable asset is our employees.

Employee Engagement Committee ResponsibilitiesMembers of the EEC have been appointed from each department and division in the City. The EEC assists the Human Resources Department with the below initiatives:

  • Employee Appreciation Events
  • Employee Newsletter - The Chamblee Connection
  • Wellness Initiatives

The Chamblee Cup
The Chamblee Cup is an exciting event that offers employees the opportunity to engage in friendly workplace competition, all in the spirit of ultimate bragging rights! This annual event is brought to employees by the Employee Engagement Committee and features a series of competitions at various City facilities. Check out our video of this highly anticipated event hereChamblee Cup Collage - Copy