Urban Redevelopment Plan

About the Urban Redevelopment PlanThe urban redevelopment plan sets forth the urban redevelopment areas, the initial redevelopment project planned for the Town Center area, and the process by which additional urban redevelopment projects will be planned for the remaining areas. The areas covered by the plan include the following:

  • Area 1: 136 acres along and proximate to Savoy Drive and the frontage along I-285;
  • Area 2: 56 acres in the historic downtown center;
  • Area 3: 139 acres in the area where Buford Highway and Chamblee Tucker Road intersect;
  • Area 4: 88 acres along and proximate to Buford Highway near Dresden Park; and
  • Area 5: 124 acres in the Shallowford interchange area and along and proximate to Johnson Road.

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