NPP Quarterly Grant

Guidelines and Requirements
The Chamblee Nonprofit Partnership Program (NPP)  Quarterly Grant is an opportunity created by the Chamblee City Council in 2021 to create a funding collaborative that directly responds to the most critical needs faced by nonprofit organizations. Please submit your application to

Guidelines and requirements include:
  • Members are eligible to receive grant funding two (2) times per fiscal year
  • Approved nonprofits are eligible for a maximum of $5,000 for each awarded grant OR a maximum of $10,000 for one awarded grant
  • Funds awarded are required to be spent at a business that holds a current City of Chamblee Occupational Tax Certificate
  • For a NPP member to be eligible for the grant, they must:
    • Maintain a 501c3 stats for a minimum of two (2) full years
    • Be an active member of the Chamblee NPP and are required to:
      • attend at least three (3) Lunch and Learn sessions in the past 12 months
      • attend at least three (3) Let's Talk About... roundtable discussions in the past 12 months
      • participate in at least two (2) city evens in the past 12 months
  • Application requirements include:
    • Submitting the following items as attachments to the application:
      • Articles of incorporation
      • Recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 990
      • Two (2) years of financial statements (i.e., profit/loss, income/expense, or balance sheet)
      • Projected project budget inclusive of anticipated revenue generated by outer sources such as sponsorships, grants, or other forms of financial or in-kind contributions
    • Submitting a vendor/supplier list inclusive of the business address and anticipated purchase(s) cost
    • Submitting a completed application with the required attachments before the identified deadline
  • Grant recipient requirements include:
    • Must list the City of Chamblee as a project sponsor
    • Provide the city with any marketing materials to further promote the project (if applicable)
    • Awarded funds are required to be spent at an eligible business that holds a current City of Chamblee Occupational Tax Certificate
    • Awarded organizations are required to submit a final report thirty (3) days after the conclusion of the project
    • Final report attachments must include:
      • Photos from the completed project
      • Receipts of purchase from pre-approved vendors/suppliers as attachments
      • Awarded organization's current W-9
Grant Deadlines
Quarter Funding Maximum Application Deadline Award Announcement
Q1: January - March - December 29, 2023 January 12, 2024
Q2: April - June $25,000 June 2, 2023 June 16, 2023
Q3: July - September $25,000 June 30, 2023 July 14, 2023
Q4: October - December $25,000 September 29, 2023 October 17, 2023