Last Clue Answer

This last clue is located in Peachtree Park/City Hall Park on one of the picnic tables in the park located between City Hall and PD. This clue will require you to use all the previous clue letter/number combinations starting with the letter "M" to show:

J = M, 10
O = N, 15
D = O, 4
I = P, 9
E = Q, 5

W = R, 23
I = S, 9
L = T, 12
F = U, 6
I = V, 9
L = W, 12
L = X, 12
A = Y, 1
N = Z, 14

Once you have this answer, be sure to email Katie Sears at for a special prize! If you finish during office hours, come into City Hall to collect your prize!  Otherwise, you will receive an email about instructions for picking up your prize!