Get Outside

  • This guide is great for learning how to enjoy the great outdoors responsibly and safely, as well as so much more! 
  • Make an obstacle course with chalk on your driveway or street! (watch for cars!)
  • Enjoy one of Chamblee’s many parks by taking a walk with your dog, throwing the Frisbee or football or enjoying a picnic lunch, while also making sure your adhering to social distancing guidelines.
  • Start a new garden or spruce yours up! It’s spring, so it’s the perfect time to start planting!
  • Take some pictures of the outdoors and then create a scrapbook oh photos, along with leaves/flowers you’ve found, or put your photos into a book online by visiting sites like which can then be mailed to you and looked at for ages to come!
  • Camp in the backyard, complete with s’mores and a tent!
  • Participate in a neighborhood scavenger hunt by finding the rainbows, Easter eggs or other objects in neighbors’ windows while out walking or driving.
  • Play the “color matching” game -- find construction paper, paint swatches, or any other solid-colored thing and find the perfect match to that color in nature or around your neighborhood (cars, street signs, etc.).