Front Yard Tree Program

About the Program

The City of Chamblee’s Front Yard Tree Program allows Chamblee homeowners to apply to have a tree installed in their front yard. The Program will generally be available to owners of all residentially-zoned lots (Neighborhood Residential 1, 2 and 3) within the city limits. The Mayor and City Council understand the importance of maintaining the City’s tree canopy, and the City has partnered with Trees Atlanta to implement this program. During the 2019-2020 planting season nearly 30 trees were planted. 17 trees were planted during the 2020-2021 season.

If you are interested in planting a tree in your street-yard during the 2022-2023 planting season, please see the application process below, and reach out to the Planning and Development Department at with any questions and for more information.

Application Process

To apply, interested homeowners will be able to click on a link here, once the application period is opened. After the application has been submitted and reviewed, a professional from Trees Atlanta will contact the applicant typically within 10 business days. During this call, a site visit will be scheduled so that Trees Atlanta can inspect the property to determine if a front yard tree can be accommodated on the applicant’s lot. Please note that some sites may be disqualified if they cannot support a front yard tree. All trees must be planted within 35 feet of the front property line so that they benefit the community by providing shade for nearby sidewalks and streets. A $25 application fee is required to be paid at time of application submittal. No refunds will be given unless Trees Atlanta determines that the applicant’s front yard cannot support a new tree. Once all of the spots have been filled, a wait list will be created for additional applicants in case a tree cannot be planted, or a homeowner changes their mind.

Planting Day

Once your application has been approved, a planting day or days will be selected for Trees Atlanta staff and volunteers to visit Chamblee to install front yard trees. During the installation of the tree, Trees Atlanta will demonstrate proper tree planting techniques to the homeowner and show them how to keep the tree healthy. Family, friends and neighbors are encouraged to attend so they too can learn these techniques.


About the Trees

Each applicant is limited to one 15-gallon front yard tree. Homeowners may select from a variety of native oak species, including white, nuttall, Shumard, overcup and willow oak trees. Trees Atlanta staff will help homeowners pick the best tree for their lot, if necessary.

Willow Oak

Willow Oak Tree

Nuttall Oak

Nutall Oak Tree

Tree Maintenance

As part of the program, Trees Atlanta will provide one pest control treatment (if necessary), one fertilizer treatment and one pruning for each new tree planted. Homeowners are responsible for watering their trees as directed by Trees Atlanta on planting day. Any trees that die within the first two years, except for trees that die due to vandalism, vehicular accidents or acts of nature, will be replaced at no cost to the homeowner.

You may also find more information regarding the program and Trees Atlanta from the presentation given at the Kick Off Meeting by clicking here, or on the image below:

Front Yard Tree Program Presentation 2019 2020

Questions? Please contact the Planning & Development Department at 770-986-5010 or