Peachtree Road Streetscape & Rail Trail Extension Segments 1, 5 and 6

In Spring of 2017 the City kicked off a project to develop the Peachtree Road Streetscape design to determine the best solutions for the roadway, sidewalk, and amenities along the Peachtree Road Corridor in the heart of downtown Chamblee, as well as the extensions of the Chamblee Rail Trail. The challenges include working within the existing built environment to develop a streetscape and trail plan that transitions and adjusts based on the surrounding context. A substantial length of the Peachtree Road segment is bounded on one side by the railroad and MARTA tracks and on the other by existing buildings.​​​​​

The project was broken into overlapping tasks to navigate the City through a process to work within the constraints and build upon a feasible and successful downtown:

Task 1: Information Gathering/Existing Conditions
​​​​​​​Task 2: Concept Development​​​​
​​Task 3: Community Engagement​​​​
​​​Task 4: Concept Conclusion​
​​Task 5: Adoption by City Council​
​​​Task 6: Construction
​​​Current Task: Implementation​​​

Figure 3.1a Rail Trail Extension Study Segments

Rail Trail Peachtree Road

Peachtree Road Streetscape Project Area Map


The project formally kicked off in June 2017 with Clark Patterson Lee (CPL) collecting information and developing a schedule for community engagement. Community engagement is critical to any work implemented by the City. There were several ways to participate in the project, including on-line and in-person surveys, an open house, and the Mid-City Stroll.

Mid-City Stroll:

On Thursday, September 7th from 5:30-8:30 p.m. the City held the Mid-City Stroll — an open house format event with stops along the corridor for opportunities to mingle and comment on the initial concept designs. The event featured stops along the route through downtown Chamblee where participants could observe the potential vibrancy of the streetscape and Rail Trail concepts with temporary installments of streetscape elements that improve the pedestrian experience along the corridor and increase the activity and users of the downtown. Mid-City Stroll tour guides presented concepts at each location, and those attending were given an opportunity to participate in the design of Chamblee’s downtown through a series of activities available at each downtown Chamblee business participating in the Stroll.

Final Concept Plan:

The final plan, adopted by City Council, can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Peachtree Road - Rail Trail Concept Plan

​If you have any questions concerning the Peachtree Road Streetscape/Rail Trail Concept please contact Rebecca Keefer, City of Chamblee Special Projects Manager, at 470-395-2347.