Form of Government

The legislative and policy-making functions of the City are vested in a board consisting of the Mayor and five Council Members. They are elected in nonpartisan elections for over-lapping four-year terms. Each Councilmember must live in the election district that they represent, however, they are elected citywide.

The Mayor is the chief elected officer of Chamblee. All meetings are presided over by the Mayor; however, the Mayor does not have a vote except in case of a tie. The Mayor signs all contracts for Chamblee.

The Mayor and City Council determine the policies of the City and enact local laws. They are responsible for the adoption of an annual budget and the levying of taxes necessary to finance local government operations.

Day to day operations of Chamblee's various departments and implementation of policies set by the City Council are the responsibility of the City Manager who is the Chief Executive Officer and is appointed by the Mayor and City Council.

The Mayor and City Council appoint the municipal Court Judges, City Solicitor and City Attorney as well as the various building inspectors.