Polling Locations

Where Do I Vote?

**Notice about polling locations**

With the demolition of the Civic Center, the city has worked with Dekalb County to establish an alternative polling location.  The city offered many alternatives, and at this time it appears they will move forward with 4445 Buford Highway – Chamblee Municipal Court as the location for the Chamblee/Chamblee 2 precincts voting on November 2, 2021. This location could be subject to change as Dekalb County is still in the process of awaiting approval of other polling locations before releasing an advertisement and they are working to update their site with all current polling locations. Please continue to check the MyVoter page for your final precinct information.

To find out what precinct you are in or where you will vote, click the MVP Website site link.

The MVP Website provides the following information:
  • Your polling location
  • Voter registration status
  • Application for Absentee Ballot
  • Early voting locations
  • Your candidates for State and Federal offices
  • View a sample ballot for the upcoming election