Special Pickups & Yard Waste

Special Pickups

Construction debris shall not be mixed or commingled with yard trimmings. Construction debris, trees, dirt, rock, concrete, over-sized tree limbs, and other large items are considered Special Pickups. Fees for this service are:
  • $55 minimum
  • Tipping fees (per ton) - $38
  • Appliances containing freon - $20 each
**TV's (old tube/flat panels) and computer monitors - $10 each

Call the Public Works Department at 770-986-5019 to schedule a pickup.

Yard Waste

  • Yard trimmings not being retained by the property owner for mulch may be placed at the street curb for collection. Yard waste may be placed or piled neatly at curbside for pickup.
  • Tree limbs, clippings, and trash of this category shall be cut by the property owner into lengths not more than four feet. All trash and cuttings shall be placed as near as possible to the street or sidewalk right-of-way adjacent to the property owner's property but not so as to get into the street or block the sidewalk. At no time shall trash be placed in the gutters, drains, walkways, alleys, or streets of the city.
  • It shall be unlawful to place or mix yard trimmings with garbage or leaves within the city.
  • Leaves are to be placed at curbside, but not in the street or on the sidewalk. Leaves will be collected by machines. Leaves may be placed in PAPER bags for pickup.
  • Grass, leaves, and straw must be separated from shrubbery and tree cuttings when placed at curbside for pick up.
  • Yard waste will be picked up on the same day as trash and recycle.