Electronics Recycling

Electronic Recycling Program

In our continuing effort to reduce landfill use and promote responsible re-use of electronic waste, the following items can be brought to the Public Works facility on the 3rd Saturday of each month only, from 8:00 a.m. until 12 noon. We are located at 3210 Cumberland Drive. For more details, call 770-986-5019. Sign up for reminders of this event.

Computer monitors, computer towers, computer desktops, laptops, batteries of all types, keyboards, cables, printers, computer mice, small appliances, CD/DVD players, cell phones, lawn equipment, power tools, hard drives (we do not erase your hard drives), and TVs. ***There is a $10 charge for each TV and computer monitor (not including laptops) to be recycled.*** WE ACCEPT CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS ONLY.

Please make sure all of the information stored on your hard drive has been completely erased before it is brought to us. We will not be responsible for any confidential information left on your computer drive.

Public Works no longer recycles light bulbs. If you have fluorescent bulbs or regular light bulbs, please take them to Lowe’s in Chamblee to be recycled. There is a drop-off box by customer service.