Vehicle for Hire Permit

Inspection of Vehicles for Hire and Issuance of Inspection Sticker

All vehicles for hire to be used by a licensee in the City of Chamblee shall be inspected annually and approved by either the City or the County Police Department. Once a vehicle meets the requirements of the inspection, a City of Chamblee inspection sticker will be affixed to the left side of the windshield. The city inspection sticker is proof that the vehicle met the licensing and insurance requirements at the time of license issuance and that the vehicle passed the last vehicle inspection. There is a $50 fee for each vehicle inspection sticker issued.

Inspection stickers are not transferable from vehicle to vehicle, and fees are non-refundable if the vehicle is wrecked or taken out of service for any reason. The police department must be notified within ten days of any vehicle being taken out of service. Stickers from vehicles taken out of service must be turned in to the police department. Stickers for replacement vehicles or additional vehicles are issued under the same procedures as original inspection stickers.

Vehicles shall be subject to random inspections at any time. Vehicles found to be substandard shall be removed from service immediately and shall be subject to immediate removal of the city vehicle inspection sticker by the police department.

These inspection stickers are considered a Public Benefit for which Georgia governments are required to verify that the applicants are legally present in the United States. This determination is made by participation in the federal Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program. A SAVE affidavit is required with all applications for vehicle for hire inspection stickers.

We are no longer performing taxi inspections as set out in O.C.G.A. 40-1-193.1 (2017) "No vehicle inspections shall be required for vehicles used by taxi services."

  • S.A.V.E. Affidavit