Code Enforcement

The City of Chamblee has established minimum standards governing the use, occupancy, condition, and maintenance of property, dwellings, buildings, and structures. If left completely unregulated, the failure to properly maintain property can become a threat to public safety and a detriment to property values and the city's general public welfare, as well as create an aesthetic nuisance.

Report a Violation

There are several ways to report a code violation.  You can email the Code Enforcement Division directly, call us at 770-986-5009, or you can submit your request through the MyChamblee app.

Multifamily Inspection Program

All owners of multifamily rental properties that receive income for use of five or more multifamily rental units are required to submit a code compliance certificate and inspection report for 25% of units each year. This will result in all units being inspected over each four-year period. For newly constructed multifamily rental properties, inspection reports are not required for the first four years of operation following issuance of a certificate of occupancy. Property owners must demonstrate compliance with these requirements at the time of occupational tax certificate renewal or no later than April 30th of each year. Click here for additional information.

Apartment Code Enforcement Sweeps Program

City of Chamblee Code Enforcement Division (“the Division”) monitors the city for common code violations on a regular basis. In addition, the Division conducts in-depth sweeps of apartment properties to ensure that all parts of the city are following adopted codes and ordinances. Apartment sweeps involve staff members representing all functions of the Planning & Development Department, including code enforcement, building permits and inspections and planning and zoning. In addition, other resources such as the City Engineer, DeKalb County Fire Marshal and other outside agencies are involved as needed. In general, the approach of the sweeps program is to improve the quality, appearance and safety of apartments throughout the city by working together with the owners and managers to ensure city codes are being met. Click here for additional information.

Property Maintenance Code

The city has adopted the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) as well as a comprehensive property maintenance code which is in addition to the zoning ordinance, building codes, health code, and fire codes.  City Code Enforcement officers are charged with enforcing the various city ordinances related to property maintenance including such violations as junk cars, litter and trash, outdoor storage, parking on grass, illegal signs, and overcrowding. The City's Code Enforcement officers proactively monitor the City to ensure compliance with City Codes and respond to complaints from the public.

Code Enforcement Warning Letter

When problems are identified, the person or persons responsible are issued a Notice of Violation describing the specific violation(s), the corrective action required, and a time limit for completion. In most cases, the responsible parties correct the problems as requested. Code Enforcement and Planning and Development Department staff are available to assist residents and business owners with understanding any City Code requirements and application processes necessary to come into compliance.  Failure to address the violation could result in a citation to Chamblee Municipal Court.

Citizen Engagement Opportunities*

Code Enforcement is implementing some new initiatives for public involvement in 2020. Read more about the initiatives and opportunities in the January/February 2020 edition of the Signal newsletter hereA description of the initiatives is provided below:

 -  Code Enforcement Neighborhood Liaison Program
 -  Annual Neighborhood/Corridor Cleanup Day
 -  Code Enforcement Coffee Chats
  • The First Qtr 2020 Coffee Chat was held on January 22nd.
*Due to the COVID-19 health crisis all citizen engagement programs are on hold.

Code Enforcement Officers Talking with Residents at a Coffee Chat on January 22, 2020


Click on the image below to watch a short video on how to report a violation and learn more about our code enforcement program

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