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About the Department

The Planning and Development Department's mission is to help guide citizens and developers through the processes of development established by the Mayor and City Council. The functions of the Planning and Development Department include administration of zoning and development regulations, permitting and inspections, and long-range community planning, in an effort to promote economic prosperity and neighborhood stability.

Serving the Public


The Planning and Development Department is primarily responsible for current and long-range planning, rezonings, variances, zoning map amendments, development permits, and creating, amending and ensuring compliance with the Unified Development Ordinance and the Comprehensive Plan. Staff works with residents and the development community in enhancing quality of life within the City. The routine functions of staff include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Taking public inquiries regarding zoning, variances, permits, development regulations, master plans, and land use
  • Reviewing plans for compliance with zoning and other requirements
  • Issuing zoning certification letters
  • Preparing staff analysis for public hearing applications
  • Preparing legal ads and mailing notices for public hearings
  • Code Enforcement
As part of the City's Chamblee 101 program to educate the public on how government works, the Planning and Development Department presented two sessions on the Planning and Zoning, and Permitting and Land Development processes. The 2019 presentations from those classes can be downloaded here:
Chamblee 101 Development Department - Session 1
Chamblee 101 Development Department - Session 2

Serving the Mayor, City Council and DRB

Planning and Development Department staff also serve the Mayor and City Council and the Design Review Board (DRB) for the City of Chamblee.

The Mayor and City Council review requests for zoning map  and future development map amendments, variances, Developments of Community Impact (DCI), appeals of administrative decisions, extensions of nonconforming uses, and text amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

The DRB reviews all DCI applications and advises the Mayor and City Council on these developments.

Stay Informed 

Read the Planning and Development Department newsletter to get caught up on recent planning and development activities in the City and plans for the ongoing year:
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Newsletter Spring 2021

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Check out the Recent Zoning Agenda Items and Upcoming Zoning Agenda Items pages for information and documents pertaining to zoning cases and zoning code text amendments.

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