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City of Chamblee, Georgia
City of Chamblee GA
5468 Peachtree Rd.
Chamblee, GA 30341
Ph: (770) 986-5010
Fx: (770) 986-5014
K-9 Unit
K-9 OfficerThe K-9 Unit consists of one officer and one dog. The dog is a dual-purpose dog, certified as both a patrol dog and in narcotics detection.

Patrol dogs are used to find and apprehend criminal suspects. They search buildings, track suspects that flee from crime scenes and locate evidence that a suspect may leave behind. Narcotics detection dogs are trained to find the scent of a number of common illegal drugs. In order to maintain these skills the K-9 team participates in regular training with several other local police agencies. Recertification is required annually.

Our K-9 team primarily works at night but is available for call out at other times if needed.

The K-9 team is assigned a specially equipped vehicle which includes a compartment for the dog to ride in as well as the ability for the officer/handler to remotely open a door to deploy the dog. The vehicle is also equipped with monitoring equipment to notify the handler should the temperature inside the vehicle move outside a safe range for the K-9.