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City of Chamblee, Georgia
City of Chamblee GA
5468 Peachtree Rd.
Chamblee, GA 30341
Ph: (770) 986-5010
Fx: (770) 986-5014
Applications, Forms & Documents

Listed below are forms required by the City of Chamblee Development Department to process permits, submittals, zoning cases and other requests. 

General Information and Fee Schedules
    Permit Required Checklist
    Building Permit Fees
    Planning/Zoning/Site Engineering Fees
    Tree Removal Fees
    Pre-Application Form
    Public Hearing Schedule 2017
    Zoning Map (Small format)
    Zoning Map (Large format)
    Zoning District Descriptions

Affidavit Forms
    General Contractor Affidavit
    Homeowner Building Permit Affidavit
    Authorized Permit Agent Form
    Owner Permission Affidavit Form
    Subcontractor Form

Building Permit Forms and Instructions
    Accessory Structure Permit Form
    As-Built Review Checklist
    Commercial Building Permit Packet
    Residential Building Instructions
    Building Permit Application 
    Deck Building Guide
    Demolition Permit Application
    Electrical Permit Form
    FAA Form, use the option identified as “If construction or alteration Is Not Located on an airport”.
    Mechanical Permit Form
    Plumbing Permit Form
    Redevelopment Assessment Form
    Retaining Wall Permit Application
    Temporary Power Letter

Sign Permit Applications
    Sign Permit Instructions
    Sign Permit - Permanent Application
    Sign Permit - Temporary Application
    Sign Fact Sheet
    Sign Review Check List

Site Development Forms and Instructions
    Land Disturbance Permit Packet
    Tree Removal Permit Application (Also included in Land Disturbance Permit Packet)
    Erosion Sedimentation, and Pollution Control Check List (Also included in Land Disturbance Permit Packet)

Zoning Applications and Forms
    Administrative Variance Application
    Future Development Map Amendment Form
    Neighborhood Preservation Overlay District Application
    Neighborhood Preservation Overlay District Attachments
    Planned Unit Development (PUD)/ Development of Community Impact (DCI) Packet
    PLAT Review Application
    Rezoning Application
    Seasonal Event and Outdoor Sales Application
    Variance Application Packet
    Zoning Verification Request Form 
    Zoning Verification Request Form for Occupational Tax Only